Why Yoga?


Amber Sparks started yoga 10 years ago to stay in shape and relieve stress. Since then, it has evolved and now holds deeper meanings. “It’s a chance to get out of my mind and return to my body,” sparks said April 26, 2017. She is now a yoga instructor at AlleyCat Yoga in Columbia and teaches traditional yoga as well as yoga for mothers and their babies. “Every time I come to the mat, it’s like I’m coming back home,” she said.

Peter Yronwode (bottom) practices Acro Yoga with Gina Khine (left) and Rose Neal (right) at Yoga Sol Sunday April 30, 2017. The weekly acro jam is normally held outdoors at Peace Park but was moved indoors due to the rain. While Khine and Neal have only been practicing Acro for roughly half a year, Yronwode has been practicing for roughly two years. They all agreed that one of the most rewarding parts of Acro is working closely with one another.

Pam Spencer first tried yoga in the 70s while she was in college. She practiced off and on until she started going to classes with her daughter who was attending MU at the  time. Now, Sparks teaches at Yoga Sol in Columbia and has a home studio where she takes personal clients and does her personal practice. “I want to learn to experience the divine, and that is what eventually, I believe your practice brings you to,” Sparks said April 27, 2017.

John Chester and Nicole Henley began practicing yoga after seeing an Acro performance at the 2016 Earth Day festival in Columbia, Missouri. The Acro group makes a point to perform at as many community events as possible to help draw in new people.


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