Human Trafficking

This article enrages me.

How in the world has this brothel been in business for so long? Why hasn’t Columbia PD done more to stop it? How is taking vulnerable women in, overpowering them with drugs and taking advantage of them not illegal? These men were arrested multiple times and let go, HOW?

The reporter on this story did a wonderful job. The piece is well written, is informative and pushes people to action.

At times, it was difficult for me to read, though. I can’t imagine the difficulty that the reporter faced when conducting these interviews. I’m afraid I would have let my own emotion show through when talking to the police and Felten. Especially when Felten said:

“I have a daughter, and would I rather have some place like this a guy can go to and get what he needs so he’s not out on the street abducting some child off the street,” he said. “I think there’s perverts out there that probably need what they need and they’re going to get it however they can get it, but I’m not condoning it at all, I’m not saying that it should be allowed, or that it’s OK.”

I don’t even know how to respond to that. I see his point about his daughter, but it’s like every other woman doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t matter if it is someone else’s daughter, sister or mother that feels like there is no other choice than to be used for sex.

To me, that also says that it’s OK to be a pervert. It’s natural and that there is no stop to it. It’s hard for me to believe that.

As difficult as this type of reporting is, it is important. That’s how laws get changed, that’s how people learn.


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