Final project – test lighting

I thought I knew what I was going to do for the lighting of my portrait series, but after doing the test lighting with Jenna for what I had in mind, I realized that my idea would not work. It would be boring and no one would want to look at it. So I regrouped and tried something new.

For the portrait series, I plan to have my subjects within their environment, wherever it is that they do yoga. At least one outdoors and in different colored rooms. I want the background to be slightly under exposed and a little bit more out of focus than in the photo below.

It’s my hope that this will help keep the backgrounds from being distracting since they will all be different. The lighting and camera angle will be the consistent string that goes through all of my photos that ties them all together.

I plan to have a low camera angle (slightly higher than in the photo below) with a high-key light to the left of the camera that separates the person from the background. Each person will be doing a different pose and looking into or above the camera.




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