Boomtown Profiles


Over the first chunk of this semester, I have been working on five profiles for the Boomtown publication that comes out in April. In general, they have all been fairly simple and a good introduction into the newsroom.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know these members of the Columbia community. As a college student, it is easy to almost forget about the town as a whole.

Going into this project, I thought that the hardest part was going to be finding the people to interview. In all actuality, finding people wasn’t all too difficult. I reached out to community organizations, people in the community that I work with as well as searching the internet and looking at record holders in Columbia.

The most difficult part ended up being prioritizing and getting them written in a timely manner. What I really needed to do was write the profiles directly after doing the interviews, but on the majority of them, I did not do that.

So when I went to write, it wasn’t fresh in my mind and I had take the time to listen to the majority of the interview again. Having to take that extra time was frustrating, which lowered my motivation to write the story, causing it to take even more time.

Overall, working on the Boomtown project was a good experience that helped me step into the world of reporting. As always, there are things that I would have done differently, but it was a great learning experience.


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