Metal and Glass

I had not realized the difficulty of photographing metal and glass until we started this section of the class. I knew that they both had their issues and were a bit difficult to photograph, but had never experienced trying to shoot either of the two types of objects.

For the assignment, I shot glass and Gabby shot metal.

My original idea was to shoot a tornado in a bottle with a toy car or house behind it so that the water would reflect it and then show it as upside down inside of the tornado. After trying and being unsuccessful getting the car to appear upside down, we decided to scrap that idea and just do the tornado in a bottle.

In hind sight, it might have been better to get the toy car further away from the bottle and up a little higher.


The United States of America sees an average of 1,224 tornadoes a year. Often, within the path of destruction are homes, schools and businesses. In 2016, tornadoes in the United States took 17 lives, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.  

It took us a while to get the lighting set up how we liked it. I think we could have added another light on the left side of the bottle to make that outline of the bottle stand out and then gobo’ed part of the light on the right hand side so it wouldn’t fall to the left side of the bottle.



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