Another day on GA

Last week on my GA shift, I was asked to go and cover a meeting at Shakespeare’s Pizza with Jason Kander. Before scouring the internet to find what all he stands for and where he is politically, I had only ever heard the name. I’m not an uber political person, I vote and I have a brief idea of what is going on in our government but I don’t keep up with politics as much as I probably should.

Political reporting isn’t something I would say I am comfortable with, which made this story a bit difficult. In the meeting, there was a lot of mudslinging and talking bad about the republican party.

Sorting through how to write a recap on this meeting and not quote him on all of the trash talking was difficult. The purpose of him being there was to talk about his Let America Vote campaign and voter suppression, not to trash talk President Trump.

That is what I tried to focus on in the story, was sharing what he had to say about this new campaign as well as inform readers on what the purpose was and the background of why Kander had started it. I definitely think that I could have done a better job on this article, but my first meeting and political piece, I like to believe I did an OK job.


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