I’m not a writer

Frankly, I’m not very good at writing. My words tend to fall flat and not carry much weight. My mind goes on different tangents and then I’m stuck trying to piece 20 snippets of a story into one. I never know the right questions to ask, I lose every ounce of creativity I have…I’m a mess.

This semester in the newsroom has been trying, to say the least. It started out pretty good, I had some simple and fun stories, but that excitement to be in the newsroom has slowly dwindled as the semester has gone on. My schedule sure hasn’t helped that; the course load for my other classes has picked up, both of my jobs are relying on me more, I’m getting more and more involved with campus organizations, and on and on.

All I want to do is take photos. I can tell a story with photos, I know how to do that.

I know that spending a semester reporting in the newsroom will be overall beneficial to my education. While I don’t see myself working in a newsroom past college, having these experiences will be what puts me ahead of the rest in the job market, and I appreciate the University of Missouri for that, as much as I may not like it in the moment.

Finding the motivation and work ethic to be in the newsroom is hard at times. Especially when you feel as though your work is subpar to your that of your peers.

For me, it is a matter of keeping the end goal in mind and remembering that it is only a semester. I can do anything for a semester. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.


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