Studio lighting

Studio lighting fascinates me. There are so many different ways to go about it and they all illustrate the story differently.

Naturally, I am drawn to darker images with low-key lighting. I feel as though they show more emotion and are more raw, which is often the look that I want. They make me ask more questions, they draw me in and and make me want to know more about the person.

Jessica and I had a great time in the studio. It took us a while to get the lights set up correctly in order to black-out the background, but once we got it, we were good to go.

Missing five consecutive days of school would pay a toll on any student. Junior Jessica Dennis has found herself caught trying to catch up from a week’s work of reporting and other journalism homework after having an emergency surgery to remove her appendix.

The photo above is what I turned in as my single light select, but below are others that stood out to me in my full take. Thinking about toning, I would like to warm them up a little bit, but not a lot. Other than that, how they are is how I want them to be. Her face is slightly underexposed, but that is the type of photo I was going for, and I believe it works.

After switching to the multiple light setup, I had a bit of trouble with my camera as well as with getting the setup as I wanted.For whatever reason, my camera and the lights did not want to work together, so I ended up using Jessica’s camera. My set-up included two lights at equal power on the backdrop with the smaller soft box almost right in front of Jessica.

Going back, there are a lot of things that I would like to do differently with the multiple light set-up.

Jessica Dennis, junior at MU often feels as though many people see her as someone that is always professional and does not have fun. “I’m a dork,” she said. “Yes, I’m a nerd, but I’m a dork.”

While there are things that I would change, I do like how this photo turned out. It shows Jessica’s quirky-ness and shows the child-like personality that many do not see. Her face is just barely over-exposed, but it doesn’t bother me in this instance as it normally would.





Below are the two lighting diagrams for this assignment.




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