Part of the Chorus

Today on GA, I was asked to write a small feature on the Boonslick Chordbusters singing valentines.

From 10:30-2:30 I followed them around town as they went from place to place singing for men and women both young and old, it was really a lot of fun.

The most difficult thing about this reporting, was finding an opportunity to speak with the gentlemen. Though I spent roughly four hours with them, there was rarely a break in their schedule to talk.

They would hop out of their van, go sing for 2-3 minutes, walk out and head to the next location. I felt bad for slowing them down and was often interviewing as we walked back to our vehicles.

This week will be filled with reporting. From GA on Monday, interviews on both Tuesday and Wednesday, researching sources and writing profiles, I don’t know when it will all get done.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the Grade A Plus after school program where I will be interviewing Ms. Threat for a profile series that will be part of a special edition of the Missourian printed in April focused on how to live your best life in Columbia after the age of 50.

On Wednesday, I am meeting with Mr. Kottwitz, also for the profile series. Mr. Kottwitz volunteers with many organizations in the Columbia community, including Room at the Inn, Container Project and Rainbow Network.

After that interview, I will be headed back to Grade A Plus to spend time at their dance program as well as do any follow-up interviewing with Ms. Threat.



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