My first GA shift in the books

Saturday was my first general assignment shift in the Missourian newsroom. Admittedly, I went in a bit nervous about what I might get thrown into, but it turned out to be a good day.

I started out with a brief article on a Columbia man that pleaded guilty to the five charges that were against him and will receive 20 years in prison.

My next story was over the election of the 13th circuit presiding judge, Keven Crane. These were both good stories that allowed me to get my feet wet and begin to learn the ins and outs of the Missourian and get hands on experience with the workflow.

I was then asked to work on a life story of a gentleman named James Gallup. This was by far the best experience of the day. I had the privilege to speak to three of his four children and will be interviewing the fourth, as well as a grandchild today.

They all spoke very highly of their father and their love for him was quite evident. It was encouraging to hear just how dedicated he was to their family.

From building their family home and teaching the value of hard work to the practical jokes that he would play, it is important that I tell his story as accurately as I can. Since talking to his family, I feel as though I know him, and I want everyone who reads this article to feel as though they know him as well.


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